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I have said before that to get where one needs to be with knowing where we are and where we are going,they must drop all previous beliefs regarding Christianity, or any of the “Big Three” they may ascribe to.For the most part here in America,our people are Christians or at least believe in god and Jesus,and this is where the problem starts.

I will assume you already know that Jesus never did exist,and is nothing but a fabrication.This can be proven historically and needs not be debated here,but I will say that don’t you think someone who healed the sick and raised the dead made it into the history books?

Look at what is going on in our country right now and the relationship we have had with Israel.We have become a pawn of Israel and our country has been hijacked by “The Chosen People” – for some time now.Our morals,our thinking,our sexuality,our children-everything-has been manipulated and twisted to fit that of what these few “people” want as it fits their ultimate plan and fulfills the teachings of the Talmud to treat the goy as nothing but cattle.

It all begins with Jesus-and why,do you say?Because Jesus was written into the whole story as what?A jew.So this is where one part of their sick plan begins.You aren’t a good Christian if you do not support Israel and “The Chosen ¬†People”,are you?You also are not considered a patriot of this country by some if not,either and that really disturbs me.

With Jesus,the jews have pretty much guaranteed that they have millions and millions of Christian supporters that are driven by their faith to unwittingly assist the jews in their plot for domination.By the false notion instilled in Christians that the jews are “The Chosen People”,they have leveraged themselves into the perfect spot to control a people, just by that very notion.

Watch, anytime a person speaks out against Israel,the first thing they are said to be is either not a good Christian or that they are not a patriot of this country-how insane is that?But this is by design and as with many other things,change will not occur until people wake-up and realize they have been lied to.You have been lied to about everything-even your God.Now how sick is that?

Recently at the University of Southern Mississippi,six sorority members were put on probation after it was found out they wore black-face and dressed as characters from The Cosby Show when pictures were posted on Facebook.A fellow student saw the pictures,notified “authorities” at the college,and now the women are being “investigated” by the university which is now labeling them as “offensive and insensitive”.

The women are now on probation,and I would like to mention they were placed on probation after the dean,who is “black”,met with the sorority leadership and school staff.What is most disturbing to me about this whole “incident” that really should have never been an issue at all,is the fact that further disciplinary action may occur and they may be forced to attend a “diversity awareness” course.Ok,so let’s see what that really means – the dean,who I’m sure is one of those types who likes to throw his title of “Dr” around,had this to say ; ” ¬†Though it is clear that these women had no ill intent, it was also clear that they had little cultural awareness or competency, and did not understand the historical implication of costuming in blackface.The women involved have been open, cooperative and contrite. We will use this as a teachable moment and motivation for dialogue on appropriate sensitivity and respect around issues of diversity . ” This is where we need to step back and look closely at what all of this really means,so bear with me.

These women represent any of us – now they might be “forced” to attend a course on diversity awareness which to me sounds like reprogramming or brainwashing and for what? What does a diversity awareness course teach?I guarantee you it will not teach them the facts or the truth,the truth that since their existence on this planet,blacks have contributed to nothing save for the downfall or destruction of any society they enter or live within.Are they going to teach them about how blacks have invented damn nearly everything when in fact,this in itself is total b.s. and can easily be debunked.Are they going to be taught the truth and shown how since 1964 and being given every damn freedom and then some-along with the get-out-of-jail free race card-they have literally done nothing to further themselves and solidify their position in this country,save for ensuring a lifetime of welfare benefits?Are they going to teach them that they should be ashamed of their ancestry and that showing any pride in being White should be labeled a racist act?Where is all of this going?Are we going to have diversity awareness taught in elementary schools while Jermaine and Shaquelle are disrupting class or assaulting other classmates but that should be smiled-upon because they are just showing their rich,African culture?I mean this sounds crazy but this is how far left we have gone-this is insanity!

We need to get back to reality and start calling a spade a spade and not be condemned for it.I guarantee you someone will read this and call me a racist or insensitive,but it is the truth,and we need to get back to that.What about a black sorority member who dressed as Snooki this Halloween-that was not deemed racist or insensitive,was it?So why are we coddling and bowing down to every damn thing that these “people” cry about-aren’t the government handouts enough?Look at where we are at and where we are going – and remember,we still have freedom of speech in this country…or do we?

One only has to look to the news and the media recently to see what a sad state the younger generation is in and has become.On one hand we have George Soros’ mis-guided OWS “movement” – more like a bowel movement-and on the other,the recent riots at Penn State over the firing of Joe “Pa” Paterno – that nickname alone sounds like a lure.
We have never been at such a sad time in this country,our schools are churning-out students who are truly ignorant to any facts other than the ones spoon-fed to them by the state and then when they get to college-if they make it that far-if they are not free-thinking individuals who haven’t been brainwashed by the media,they will be by the usual suspects of liberal professors who will turn them into the self-hating,unpatriotic masses we are now facing as the future of this once-fine nation.
To think the younger people of this country can be so easily misled is not only sad,it is scary and a testament to just how good a job the powers that be have done in ensuring the death of everything right and moral,and insuring the end of this nation.America.Imagine what our forefathers would think if they saw us now-rioting over the firing of a football coach who did not go to the proper authorities when CHILDREN were being raped and molested,protesting and making fools of ourselves fighting a supposed enemy and system that is in fact supporting and promoting the very “movement” these protesters are protesting against.This is not only ignorance,it is insanity.Welcome to America,2011-sad thing is,2012 is only going to be worse.This is “Change” and I do not like it.

Patti LaBoon Needs To Be Put Down

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Like the wild feral animal she is,sanger Patti LaBelle is at it again,this time for the assault on a woman and her 18-month old child.
LaBelle hurled obscenities and bottled water-you can’t make this crap up-at a mother and child after the child took a few steps away from the mother as she struggled with some luggage and a car seat.
Now what is it with LaBelle?This is the second incident we have seen with her recently,the first she sicced her “bodyguards” on a West Point cadet who was simply minding his own business,on his cell-phone waiting to leave IAH when he was viciously attacked by this she-boon who felt she was “threatened”.
What makes LaBelle feel so entitled that she can do whatever she wants,to verbally and physically assault people,even an 18 month-old child?Of course if asked about this,the usual “I din’t do nuffin’ ” response would be given.
We have coddled and enabled these “people” to the point where they feel a sense of entitlement and a lack of culpability.Give that,along with a few hits on Billboard and you have a deadly mix and a wild she-boon that feels as if she is above the law.
We have done this to ourselves,and this is why we need to put an end to this madness as obviously they will not.Since 1964,we have not seen “progress” or a betterment of these people-in fact,we have seen regression which is also tearing away at us and our society as people have embraced this “culture” and by doing so,have dumbed themselves down and lowered their standards to that sub-level.
We only have ourselves to blame for this,and we must put a stop to it-no more coddling and enabling,and we need to realize that this is not a culture or “people” to be looking at for anything,save what not to do and how not to act.I only hope that Miss LaBelle is hit where it hurts most-her bank account-as she clearly has no conscience,and for that matter,-laughingly-no soul.

Well,this is the first in what is my latest place to write-or rant as some may say.For those that are familiar with my writing,you will know my views are not for the meek or for the politically correct.
We are at a troubling time in history in this country,for we are witnessing the death of a great nation.Even more troubling is the fact that most have no idea,or sadder still,no care.People in this country are more concerned and knowledgeable with the cast of Jersey Shore than they are with what is and has been going on in this country.
We are living in the aftermath of the Civil Rights and Feminist movements and are dealing with the lasting effects of their fallout which have been more harmful and deadly than any nuclear missile.The very fabric of our culture and society have been torn apart by the fruits of these labors and sadly,no one realizes this.
I read this on a forum this past year,and sadly,it is so true ; “America the beautiful is no more,Lady Liberty is breathing her dying breaths-may she rest in peace…”

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